Choosing sustainable energy transformers for your business

In business, fiscal imperatives often prevail over social values and ethics, which is unfortunate. This tends to occur most frequently when companies aim to reduce uncertainty and mitigate cost. However, this type of behavior has come at great cost – not only to the companies but also to the planet – and companies are now making an effort to become more sustainable.

The challenges facing all businesses, especially those in the industrial, electrical, and energy sectors, are growing more difficult each and every day. Projects are getting bigger and with that come greater risks, costs, and complexity. At the same time, society is changing and demanding more from these companies. That’s precisely why so many businesses are making the effort to become more sustainable as they head into the future. Choices like opting for a sustainable energy transformer are now becoming the norm.

Because transformers are used in almost every commercial sector, there is a wide range of choices when it comes to which one is best. Normally, a transformer is a device that will be in service for years to come. Because of such a long lifespan, the operating cost of a transformer can exceed its initial price, so choosing the right one is imperative. Often, a sustainable transformer is the more economical choice, even though it may cost more upfront, the savings over time will be noticeable.

Environmental factors to consider

When making any decision regarding energy, it is important to not only consider cost, but also the impact on the environment. This is especially true when considering a transformer. It is often best to repair an existing transformer when possible – but sometimes a brand new transformer is needed. When selecting a new transformer, it is paramount to choose one that causes as little environmental damage as possible – this will inevitably improve the public image of the company but will also reduce costs and avoid penalties.

One key concern when choosing a new transformer is biodegradability. The first question to ask is, “To what extent can this transformer’s fluid be absorbed into the environment without any negative effects?”

Only those transformers that have been fully accredited by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) and conform to the guidelines set by the Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive (RoHS) are recognized to be truly sustainable. Non-toxic transformer oil is essential in the event of a spill, which is especially important in the case of an offshore transformer, where any spills could leak into the ocean. Though many companies opt for synthetic esters for their sustainable transformers, an even greener solution is to go with natural transformer fluids, many of which are manufactured using renewable seed oil.

When choosing a transformer, it is a good idea to compare competing transformer models by looking at the load and no-load losses (in watts) and what the projected cost of ownership is. No-load losses are those that occur whenever the transformer is energized and cannot be avoided. Sustainable transformers typically have fewer no-load losses than traditional models.

What Factors to Consider When Choosing Buyers Advocates

Buyers advocates have become increasingly important to people who are looking to invest in the real estate industry. Nowadays people want to hire such professionals, as they are more suitable for the job of assisting a buyer in purchasing a good property than a real estate agent. In the last few years, the demand for such individuals has skyrocketed which has led to many real estate agents becoming buyer’s advocates. However, most of them have adopted this name because of its appeal and have no clue about the demands of this job. In order to distinguish between the imposters and the real buyer’s advocates, keeping in mind the following factors came prove to be crucial. Continue reading What Factors to Consider When Choosing Buyers Advocates

Auction House for Antiques

You can search for antiques in a traditional antiquities store or dealer, but many Australians are choosing to get their antiques directly from auctions. Trying to find in high street stores the antiques that you would like can be a highly time-consuming task. You might have to go for quite a few trips and even to various towns to find everything you want. Continue reading Auction House for Antiques

The BIG business with Drones

A federal judge reversed a U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) policy that banned the use of unmanned aircraft systems (UAS), or drones, for commercial use. The judge ruled that the FAA has no authority to regulate small UAS under current civil aviation regulations. Law firms around the country see this as a signal of ‘drone law’ becoming a major commercial interest for years to come.


Traditionally, aviation laws and regulations fell under the Federal government domain, but with the introduction of commercial UAS, Federal regulations to date can’t keep up with the advent and implementation of drones. State and local governments have been legislating their own laws to regulate drones in the interim. The legal quagmire created by mixed local, state, and Federal laws about an issue that can range from freedom of speech and press to insurance and liability has law firms scrambling to prepare specialized legal teams.


Various states may even offer differing tax incentives in efforts to attract commercial UAS usage to their borders.


Yet, perhaps the largest legal elephant in the room is the collection of personal data and information. A drone with a GoPro camera could be used for invasive methods of gathering information as the lines between consumer and private resident blur. Protecting individual privacy rights could become a major concern for UAS usage.


As the FAA’s prohibition of commercial drone use is over-turned, drones could represent a new industry similar in scope to the introduction of the commercialized internet in the 90’s according to experts. The industry is estimated to become an $80 billion business over the next 10 years. With all the legal questions, big business will need law firms to upkeep their interests as the legal landscape for commercial drones takes shapes. In short, drone law will be a major focus for corporate law in the coming years.


While the FAA is expected to issue propositions for domestic UAS usage this year, finalization and implementation could take as long as two to three more years. In the meantime, major law firms are preparing for big business’ interest in drone law.



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What to Consider in Looking for a Conference Speaker?

There are many different types of speakers who can bring a high quality of productivity improvements to your company. Most people who work at companies say that they wish they had more hands-on training and one-to-one coaching as help. At the same time, there is also a need for separate time to listen to presentations that might help them in their business. Continue reading What to Consider in Looking for a Conference Speaker?

How to Choose a Secure Long Term Care Insurance Policy

Nobody wants to be a burden to others or to the state after they retire, and most choose to protect themselves against it by focusing on their pension plans. Long term care insurance is a niche protection that targets expenses related to care facilities such as nursing homes. It offers a crucial umbrella, given that 70% of retirees require this kind of care eventually. Extended lifespans only make this issue more pertinent. 

Long term care fees typically increase by about 5% annually, although some nursing homes have featured in the press for exorbitant inflation rates of up to 100% in a single year. While such cases are rare, insuring for long term care should take more reasonable inflation rates into account. Quotations typically include ordinary inflation protection, but some choose to exclude it from their policies as a way of saving pennies. Assisted living costs just over $36,000 a year and is not covered by Medicare. While the government does cover medical expenses through Medicare, it does not allow for custodial costs. When choosing long term care insurance, there is a range of ways to tailor your plan to your benefit. 


Start with a Specialist

Because long term care insurance is such a specialized field, an LTCi specialist is the best person to obtain advice from, according to Forbes. General brokers can competently handle a range of other policies, but when it comes to long term care, a specialist can inform you about inflation, the quality of care you are likely to get in your price range, and how to work your LTCi into your health insurance and retirement fund effectively. 

Elimination Period

An elimination period is better understood as a deductible. Ideally, there should be no need to wait for even a short period before you receive the care you need from your policy. When ill or unable to take care of yourself, even a short elimination period of three months is far too long and is likely to be unmanageable.

Assessing Insurers

It is particularly important that Long-term Care Insurance providers be operational and financially stable over the long term, since care may be required decades after you begin paying for coverage. Look for insurers that have been in the business for at least three years, and look into whether they have been involved in class action cases or bad faith lawsuits. 

Consider Care Givers

Some people prefer to use professional care support because it makes them feel more independent, while others would like their families to help instead. Some policies are flexible enough to allow for spousal or familial in-house care, while others are not. If you prefer family care, look for a provider that will pay for that care. 

Payout Periods

Maximum benefit and lifetime policies are more expensive than those covering five years. It is possible to buy coverage for less, but it is best not to cover less than three years.


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How To Deal With A Serious Car Crash In Texas

If you spend a lot of time on the wide-open roads of Texas, there is a good chance that you will have an accident at some point. While most accidents are relatively minor, the sad fact is that Texas has more than its fair share of serious and even fatal collisions. In fact, recent statistics from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration show that Texas leads America in traffic fatalities. Part of this is due to the large population in Texas, but even on a per capita basis Texas has 16% more fatal car crashes than in the rest of the nation. So, while the last thing you want to think about is getting into a bad crash, it pays to know what to do and what not to do if this happens.



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First of all, if you suspect that you have been injured, it is important to seek immediate medical treatment. You need to do this even if you think that you only have minor injuries. In many cases, it only becomes evident that injuries are serious after a period of time has elapsed – this is particularly the case with internal injuries and head injuries. The other reason to get medical assistance is that if you don’t, you could put any future lawsuit at risk since the other party can claim that you were not actually seriously injured.


Second, avoid making any statements at the scene of the accident that could indicate that you were at fault. Don’t discuss the accident with anyone other than police officers – and then only provide them with answers to the specific questions that they ask you. It’s a natural human instinct to apologize when you are involved in a bad incident, but you need to avoid doing this as well. It’s perfectly fine to express concern for anyone who was hurt, but you mustn’t say anything that makes it look like you are at fault. Even if you think you are at fault, there may be another reason for the accident – such as a mechanical problem with your car or a problem with the road surface.


Third, make sure that you contact a good local personal injury lawyer right away. For example, if your crash happened in the San Antonio area, then you need to look for a personal injury lawyer in the San Antonio area. It is important to have someone representing you who is experienced at dealing with these types of cases, and it is also essential that they are familiar with the local courts. Don’t make the mistake of trying to represent yourself if you have a serious accident, since this will put you at a significant disadvantage.



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Finally, remember that insurance companies are not necessarily your friends when you have a serious crash. If you are asked by them for a recorded statement, then you should refuse. The goal of insurance companies is to limit the amount of money that is paid out in any claim. So, if you give them any indication at all that you may be at fault, there is a good chance that they will use this against you.

The Benefits Of Computer recycling

With the constantly evolving technology that surrounds us, it is no wonder that many businesses do not know what to do with their hardware once they have finished with it. Having worked in a University IT department and watched the annual run of PC replacements happen and the resulting piles of broken or old hardware that ensues I know what a problem that this can cause. Many companies look to have their assets recycled.


What Does Recycling Mean?

Computers and their related electronics are made up of many components. Many of the materials that make them up can easily be destroyed and recycled. What is important here is that because of the sensitive nature of what is often stored on these machines, the job of destruction and subsequent computer recycling process must be done in a way that ensures the security and integrity of any personal data which had previously been stored.

The most Secure Method:

In order to ensure the security of your data and have confidence that IT assets are being disposed of in a secure manner many companies are turning to third party specialists. These companies provide guarantees and certification that your old hardware and computers have been destroyed and recycled in line with the relevant UK regulations. This gives many businesses peace of mind and allows them to be sure that their personal data is at no risk of getting into the wrong hands. The specialist companies that will provide this service adhere to strict guidelines and it is much safer than taking matters into your own hands.

Good for the Environment:

In addition to knowing that you have no worries about private data breaches, companies who recycle their IT assets are helping to improve the environment. Many companies who throw their hardware and assets away into landfill are risking both their data security and adding to the growing problem of hazardous waste. It is important that these items are dealt with in a way that does not contribute to this issue. When hardware and electronics are recycled it cuts down on the amount of raw material needed for new products and therefore is environmentally friendly.

It is important to have a good relationship with any third party company who is going to be handling sensitive data. Research your options and speak to other companies about who they use. Recommendation is always a good indicator of good service. Take advantage of it.

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Plane Departing from Charleston Crashes in Tennessee

A plane leaving Charleston on Tuesday, March 18, 2014, crashed in Tennessee at approximately 7:45 in the evening. All three of those aboard the plane, the pilot as well as two passengers, suffered serious injuries in the accident and were immediately taken to a nearby hospital, where their condition is now listed as stable.

The plane had been rented for a day trip to Charleston, and was returning after a weather delay when it crashed on Holston Mountain. The plane was a Cessna 172, registered to a company in Wadsworth, Ohio. The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), the organization tasked with monitoring domestic airplane accidents, is currently investigating what may have caused the crash to occur.

Airplane travel is one of the safest forms of long distance transportation in the United States, particularly commercial airlines, which rarely experience serious accidents resulting in passenger injuries. However, as airplane accidents are not entirely uncommon in the United States, though in most cases, the accidents that do occur involve small planes such as this one. Indeed, in 2012, at least 280 deaths occurred as a result of plane accidents in the United States, and non-fatal injuries from these accidents, which annually total in the thousands, are often extremely serious or even life-altering.

While the cause of this accident remains under investigation, the truth is that airplane accidents in the United States are frequently the result of negligence or recklessness on the part of those involved in the manufacture, maintenance, or operation of the vehicle. As the website for the Steinberg Law Firm, a Charleston-based personal injury firm, points out, everything from pilot error or intoxication to defects in the design of a plane can easily lead to an accident. Furthermore, because of how complex modern airplanes have become, even a relatively minor problem can have profoundly serious consequences for accident victims.

In light of the serious challenges that those who have been injured in an airplane accident may face, it is often possible for accident victims to pursue compensation for the damages that they may have suffered. This can help accident victims and their families to pay for the costs that the accident may have caused them to incur, ranging from medical expenses to the costs of lost income or, in the worst of cases, funeral expenses and loss of financial support.

Putting Your Child First During Divorce Proceedings

Births, marriages, and deaths are three of the most emotionally charged events that any family experiences. Unfortunately for some families a fourth event, divorce, also becomes part an integral part of life. Divorce can affect every member of a family in different ways and to varying degrees. Often the individuals that are most affected are the children. However, it is possible to minimize the effect that proceedings have on children and in doing so ensure that their needs are always put first.

Making the right decision

The decision to file for divorce is rarely arrived at easily or quickly, particularly when children are involved. It is essential that the decision has been given a great deal of thought before action is taken. It is also important that advice is sort from a qualified Chicago divorce attorney who has experience of deal with family cases. Before deciding to go ahead you may want to consider whether you have explored all other avenues including marriage or even family counseling.

Talk openly and encourage questions

It is not unusual for you and your spouse to find it difficult to talk about the reasons why you are seeking to end your marriage. But, when children are involved you need to be prepared for them to want to ask questions. It is best to try to answer their questions as honestly as you can in relation to their age and level of understanding. However, it is important that you:

  • Don’t force children into awkward conversations
  • Be honest and open
  • Don’t use conversations to apportion blame
  • Allow them to express their feelings and emotions

Consider the child’s wishes

How much your child understands will of course depend on their age and abilities. However, most children will be able to express, to at least some degree, preferences over who they want to live with. Of course you will need to take into consideration that it is likely that your child would prefer to be with both parents, and for the parents to remain together. You will need to explain why this can’t happen. As well as the child’s wishes you will also need to consider at least some of the following points when discussing custody:

  • Access to the child’s school and future education choices
  • The child’s existing friendship groups and their ability to make new friends easily
  • Any particular needs, especially physical disabilities, emotional or behavioral difficulties
  • Will the child be able to cope with joint custody, particularly if it involves travelling on a weekly or fortnightly basis

The most important aspect of the divorce process is to ensure that your child, or children, know that they are still loved and wanted by both parents. It can be difficult to keep them at the front of your mind when dealing with such an emotionally charged time. But, if you as their parents are unable to act with the child’s best interests at heart, then the courts may take the decision making process out of your hands.