2 Best Banner Display Methods

Banners are effective marketing items for your business. While banners may not be hi-tech and as modern as digital marketing collateral, there is still a prime place for banners in a marketing campaign. Banners can advertise an event, a new product, an offer, or a service. The best advertising banners are bold, easy to read, and eye catching. Whether your banner is beside a busy road or in a trade show, you do not have much time to grab people’s attention.

Banners should therefore have large images and the minimum amount of text so that the message is clearly visible. Once you have designed your banners and completed your banner printing, it is time to think about how to display your banners. Banners may be simply hung with rope from building or a display board, or you can choose more sophisticated banners that are free standing and easy to transport from place to place. Here are a couple of the most popular display methods for pvc banners.

1. X-Type Banners

If you have banners that you want to display outside, hanging them is a good option. But banners do not only need to be used outside. Did you consider the possibilities of using banners inside to promote an event or establishment? X-type or roller banners are built with an x-shape of thin poles which stretch across the back of the banner and provide support for the banner. You can adjust the fitting so that the tension is adequate for your needs. These are good pop up banners for indoor use and they are also inexpensive to produce – you can use them again and again. Effective banner printing for small and large banners can make use of the X-type of banner display setting.

2. Roll Up Banners

Pop up banners, roller banners, or roll up banners are professional-looking and easy to design and manage. You can easily display digitally printed pvc banners in a roller stand. The banner is finished and inserted into the display. The banner rolls up when not in use so you can easily carry it and store it. Once you are ready to erect the banner you simply pull it out of the tube, roll it up, and attach it to a hook at the top of the construction so that people can easily see what you are offering.

When it comes to banner printing, use a reputable company to ensure high quality results with your printing. If you want to attract attention with a bold and bright banner then you’ll need bold and bright colours that stand the test of time. Make sure that all images are high quality and relevant to your company.

January 19, 2017