6 Best Benefits of Outsourcing Ecommerce Fulfilment

Choosing to outsource your ecommerce fulfilment can be a difficult decision to make. If you are just starting an ecommerce business you may not be able to immediately see the benefits; you may feel like you are taking a big risk, particularly when you look at the cost of the service. Take a look at these benefits to outsourcing this function, so you can have a better idea of whether this is a good idea for your business.

1. You Can Focus on Your Core Business

If you have expanded rapidly or you are experiencing considerable growth in your business you can often get too caught up in the day to day logistics of the business, and fail to spend time actually developing the company or working on creative solutions to problems. It is a good idea to outsource some of the functions that are not core to the business, like fulfilment or packaging.

2. Less of an Investment

Yes, you will need to pay for order fulfilment services but you will quickly be able to see that an outsourced solution will remove the need for you to spend money on a warehouse, equipment, IT, and processes. Ecommerce fulfilment can be a highly economical way of dealing with your orders and delivery.

3. Greater Economy of Scale

When you outsource your fulfilment you benefit from economies of scale. You would not be able to invest in the structures and equipment large enough to bring you cost benefits, but an outsourced solution has already done this and you get the savings passed along.

4. Greater Peace of Mind

You don’t need to worry about whether your orders will be delivered on time, or whether you will have the time to pack goods and get them shipped off to customers. You can relax knowing that your products are in good hands and will arrive on time.

5. Lower Labour Costs

Choose an outsourced solution and benefit from not having to recruit extra staff at busy periods, or have to worry about staff being off sick or on holiday. With an outsourced solution staffing worries are off your plate and you can focus on getting your goods made and marketed in the most efficient manner possible.

6. You Can Move Quickly

If you need to ship out a large new consignment of products you can do it at short notice when you are working with a specialist ecommerce company. You don’t have to worry about building things from scratch.

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April 6, 2017