A Fun Way Of Free Salesforce Training

Salesforce is one of the best CRM tools available today which is available over the cloud. With a full support to a number of modules and an availability wherever you go, there is no doubt that Salesforce CRM remains the topmost choice of the companies who want to manage all interactions with the customers and the prospects in the best possible way. It is very useful for the organizations to grow and succeed and get the best ROI. That is why Salesforce is known as a customer success platform. So if you are interested in learning this beautiful CRM platform or want to enhance your knowledge about Salesforce you have come to the right place. No need to search over a number of online directories for a free Salesforce training course. There may be hundreds of free Salesforce training courses but all of them may turn to a paid one after presenting a small set of basic tutorials to you.

With Trailhead – Start learning Salesforce for free

Trailhead is a life changing way to get free Salesforce training now and not only admin but your entire Salesforce team can benefit from it. It is an interactive tool to learn Salesforce for free.

In Trailhead you can find-

  • Salesforce official training modules for both the developers and admins
  • The course is interactive and there are plenty of code samples as well as videos
  • Integrated challenges which will help you to learn and grow
  • You can show off your knowledge and earn the points on success

Trailhead is an innovative training application which was developed by Salesforce and maintained by it. It supports real time module assignments and you can also put Trailhead badges on your public profiles to show your Salesforce proficiency. Trailhead gets updated with new contents and challenges frequently.

Why should you use Salesforce as a free Salesforce training tool?

There are many free Salesforce training materials but Trailhead is unique and has a number of advantages which other free training resources can’t offer. Trailhead checks the completion of module exercises by using a real time API to confirm if the trainee has completed the assignment or not. After the trainee completes the each module he is awarded with the points which are visible on public profile.

If you want to implement a free Salesforce training tool in your company then Trailhead can be the best one due to the reasons mentioned above. It is an interactive tool with modules and exercises which every Salesforce user can undergo and learn Salesforce interactively. Due to its availability for free you can save a lot of money and quality is already there.

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March 23, 2016