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Avoid Having a DUI Conviction Ruin Your Future

You likely never planned on tying one on the night you went out drinking with a few friends. That said the damage is now done.

When stopped for alleged driving under the influence (DUI), where do you begin your case?

For many people in such a predicament, they’ve never had to consult a defense attorney before. As such, they can be unsure of where to turn for help.

If considering criminal defense or attorneys, make sure you end up with a good batch. Remember, your future is on the line, so you need to take the matter as serious as possible.

So, will you avoid having a DUI conviction ruin your future?

Know Your Rights and Stand up for Them

In making your legal case, you first need to sit down with your legal counsel of choice and go over all the details.

Among the important areas to cover:

· Getting pulled over – Start from the beginning about how you got pulled over in the first place. Were you driving in an erratic manner? Did you end up in an accident? Were you evading law enforcement? By giving your legal counsel all the details, he or she can form a timeline of events that led to your arrest.

· Police actions during your stop – When you did get pulled over, did police do everything by the book? Even the slightest mistake on the part of the police could lead to the charges meeting a dismissal. Were you read your rights in the correct manner? Did police give you a breathalyzer test and/or draw blood for lab work? It is imperative that you do your best to remember or find out that police followed the rules of a stoppage.

· Your actions during stop – Were you cooperative with police during your arrest? Unless you caused a disturbance, you can point to your cooperation at the time of your stop as a plus. Given officers oftentimes deal with bad people, having a non-eventful stop is good for you.

· Prior history – Last, do you have a clean criminal record up to this point? If so, that can also work in your favor. Unless a DUI led to an accident and injuries, your history could lead to lesser charges or probation. Make sure you do all you can to have the charges expunged from your record.

Thinking of Professional and Personal Issues

Even if this is your first-ever DUI matter, don’t brush it off as not being a big deal.

A DUI conviction can hurt you on several fronts, with the most notable one being your career.

Depending on what you do, your employer may or may not take too kindly to your arrest. This can be even worse if convicted of such a charge. As a result, you could see all your years of hard work go by the wayside.

If you are applying for a new job, that DUI conviction can show up online. In today’s digital age, it doesn’t take much for such information to get around.

No matter the legal issue, having the right defense counsel on your side can make all the difference.

That said are you ready to fight back against charges that could derail your future?

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July 23, 2017