Brochures, Flyers or Posters: Which One is the Best Marketing Tool?

These days, online advertising tools might be very common. This is why internet marketing is something that most business owners try to focus on. This is usually a free platform for them to advertise their products. However, there are still traditional marketing tools that work. You just have to give them a try. They can still target the right people. They are more expensive due to the printing costs, but it could still be cost effective after all.

There are three common forms of traditional advertising tools. These include brochures, flyers and posters. Which of the 3 should you go for? Which one is considered the most effective in attracting people to buy your product? Let us take a closer look at each of these options.


These are small leaflets that you can distribute to your target audience. They contain a few words and perhaps some graphics. Only the key ideas are presented on the leaflet. They are cheaper since they are smaller. From an A4 size paper, there might be 4 flyers that can be made. This is the best option when you wish to advertise to a mass audience. Flyers are cheap. When you wish to introduce your company to as many people as possible, then you should go for flyer printing. The only downside is that you can only present limited information. When your target audience has more questions, the flyers can’t provide the answers. You can include your phone number though, and they can call you if they have other questions.


Brochures are like flyers, but are more detailed. They are also not limited to just a single page. They can be two pages or three pages that are folded to look slimmer. They contain more detailed information. You can write more about the history of your company or the details of the products that you sell. This is perfect when you wish to let your target audience know what your product is about and what they can get if they buy one. The goal is to not just capture their attention, but to answer their curiosity. This is slightly more expensive than flyers, depending on the size and content. However, if you think your target audience might not read such information, as is the case with many teenagers, brochure printing might not be a good choice.


This is a larger marketing tool. It contains some images and text. These can be hung everywhere as long as they can be easily seen. This is perfect to capture the attention of people, but it does not contain that much detail. Poster printing might also be more expensive. You can print a few copies to be placed in selected areas.

There are advantages and disadvantages for all three options. It is your choice as to which one to use. You could even use all of them for different purposes. You just have to partner with eazy print for printing services.

Image: (Stoonn)

April 20, 2016