Buy A Dedicated Server For E-commerce

E-commerce, the abbreviated from of electronic commerce, also known as just EC and web commerce, refers to buying and selling of goods or services through the Internet. A detailed definition of e-commerce would include buying, selling, distribution, marketing or servicing of goods or services via the Internet, involving computer networks. E- Banking is a good example of e-commerce. Generally, the operation of E-commerce websites demands more sophisticated technology than just World Wide Web, involving databases plus e-shopping carts.

HTTPS, a special server protocol for encrypting confidential ordering data for consumer protection together with authorization of credit card payments and other safety measures have enabled consumers to feel more comfortable while shopping online. Coupled with this the increased use of debit and credit cards has led to the growth of e-commerce industry.

Buy A Dedicated Server – A Reasonable Option?

When it comes to hosting of your e-commerce website, you get the option to buy a dedicated server or having shared hosting, with servers that are compatible with diverse software plus scripts needed for e-commerce site, including MySQL, Perl, PHP, JavaScript CGI-Bin scripts, and Server Side.

There is a lot of ongoing discussion about the difference between to buy a dedicated server and shared hosting. As the name implies, shared hosting means your website is among a couple of hundreds or even thousands of websites hosted by the same server. As a result, you are made to share the resources of the server, meaning thin walls for your website and inadequate security. Having a dedicated server, on the other hand, means that the entire server and its resources are at your disposal. It means better performance and enhanced reliability for your website. Moreover, it allows you to access the server at its basic level and have additional security measures and other variations.

It is quite imperative for e-commerce sites to get hosted on a dedicated server because such sites contain incredibly sensitive information concerning their clients, such as details of their credit/debit cards, passwords and transaction history. Here are additional benefits when you decide to buy a dedicated server.

Security & Privacy For E-Commerce

Security is extremely vital for any e-commerce website. If it is compromised and private information of your clients gets stolen, it can surely hurt the reputation of your company, and spoil relationship with your clients. In case of a shared server, any hacker could simply break into one site, using malware and the virus could spread out to inflict other sites on that server.

Host Several Domains

Having a dedicated server allows you to manage as many websites as the server is capable of handling without making any extra payment. You can effectively make a number of websites, including extra email accounts plus sub domains.


It is not difficult to understand that a shared server needs to split its entire service among all the sites it contains. In case one site draws incredibly large traffic, it could significantly slow down the server and thus all the sites it supports. In extreme cases, it could get crashed. If you decide to buy a dedicated server, you have the entire bandwidth, memory plus operational area to yourself, meaning that you need not worry about your site getting slowed down or crashed due any untoward activity taking place at some other site.

March 23, 2016