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GOP’s Health Law Alternative from a Citizen’s Standpoint

The issue is agreeing on a health law that benefits most people in regards to affordability. The stage is being set with the election peeking around the corner. However, the underlying problem is finding a solution that pleases both left-wing and right-wing parties in order for an agreement to be finalized. In the meantime, the rest of the country is holding its breath waiting for an agreement to be made and to see how that decision affects them.

While the left-wing is busy trying to launch Obamacare after recurring hiccups along the way, the right-wing has made themselves busy in their attempts to appeal this new health care law. From its shaky launch, due to registration issues and access to the Obamacare website, Obamacare has proven to be a messy healthcare choice.

In addition, Obama promised that Americans happy with their insurance would be permitted to keep it. While this is true for those who have insurance provided for them by their employer, Medicare, or Medicaid, Americans that pay for their own are really feeling the changes – and not in a positive way. The most dysfunctional portion of the Obamacare is the “non-group” market. “These policies may seem alluring, because they don’t cost much upfront. But these premiums are notoriously unstable.” In short, Obamacare has turned out to be less than what was promised, to put it mildly.

What about the GOP health law alternative? Will it be the knight in shining armor for Americans trying to escape the confusion of Obamacare, or will it add to the mess?According to the article, “GOP’s Health Law Alternative Could Be Messy” by Frank James, “The final GOP package could include old standbys like health savings accounts, expanding state-run high-risk pools for the hardest-to-insure individuals, and the sale of insurance across state lines.”

The problem with the GOP proposals is that they continuously attempt to repeal Obamacare and replace it. With the elections looming, each side is going to dig in deeper and argue their same points. What the GOP should be arguing is a set of new ideas.

According to Forbes contributor Carolyn McClanahan’s article, “The New Republican Health Care Plan With A Twist”, “One big problem we have is overhead. The overhead of our healthcare system is 30% – which means of the $2.8 trillion we spend on healthcare, $840 billion goes to overhead. In other countries, average overhead is 5 to 15%. Think, if we could cut our overhead to 15%, we would save $420 billion.”

It is time to start looking at the problem from an American standpoint, not from a right vs. left standpoint. The changes made to the healthcare law affect all Americans and should therefore be changed for the betterment of service and quality. In the campaign for affordability, Americans have lost their individuality and right to choose.

The Republicans need to look at making changes by using creative, new ideas. Consulting people in the industry and pooling together resources will go a long way. In an interview with Its All Politics, Robert Laszewski says, “I’ve been critical of the Obama people because they built Obamacare and they never really consulted people in the industry when they did it. That’s one of the big reasons they got the mess that they do.”

In the end, in order to avoid even more of a mess, the GOP needs to invent its own, fresh plan for a healthcare alternative. If the system put in place is not working, how can constantly reinventing that existing plan help? Finding new ground will be crucial for the GOP if it wishes to be heard during the upcoming elections. Otherwise, it will be the same arguments that Obamacare has failed to perform as promised and the Republicans are still arguing for repeal and replace.


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August 14, 2015