How Idea Management Helps to Create Success

Good managers encourage their team members to develop and express ideas on products, services, and the overall operations of an organization. This is because they know that doing so will enable the business to sell more. By enabling all personnel to share their ideas, it’s accepted everyone at least could be an expert. Not just that, good idea management also engages employees, making them feel worthy and trusted.

The Importance of Idea Management

Employee engagement is vital to the success of any organisation. Unfortunately, truly engaging employees can be quite difficult. This is why it is important that the process is managed properly, something that often requires purpose built software as a form of support. A manager must first be able to answer why they hope to receive new ideas and which areas they want to receive those in. Additionally, it is vital that managers start to think about how they will act on any good idea. Otherwise, it won’t take long before people stop sharing their thoughts.

Idea management needs to be seen as a strategic part of the organization as a whole. Managers must consider what they hope to receive ideas about, what the purpose of collecting ideas is, whether there is a deadline for receiving ideas, what should be done if an idea stands out and weather the contributor needs to be rewarded, how bad ideas can be removed in a sensitive manner, and who will be responsible for the prioritization of the different ideas.

The second element is about thinking how ideas should be received. This can be something as simple as a letterbox on different floors to something as complex as proprietary software targeted specifically at Idea management and innovation. All methods are good, what matters is that there is some knowledge on how the ideas should be prioritized and organized. Indeed comma managers need to know exactly how often they will go through the ideas, who will be on the team going through the ideas, what the benchmarks are that they should be looking for, and more.

And surprisingly, it is equally important that the strategies put in place for the implementation of different ideas. Idea management is psychological in nature as well. When people see that they were listen to, even if what they said wasn’t implemented, they will feel more valuable for the business as a whole and they will be more likely to participate in future projects. Similarly, if the idea was bad, it is important that managers understand the psychological effect of telling someone their idea simply wasn’t good enough. Idea management needs to be something positive, which means avoiding bad energy. Yet, at the same time not all ideas can be good.

These are all complex issues that must be managed properly. Unfortunately, in some businesses, the complexities of proper idea management are such that the business avoids doing it all together. That is a sure fire way of no longer remaining competitive.

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March 30, 2018