One-click Payments: Convenience for the Consumer, Sales Increase for Merchant 

The Exactly® payment system is a secure tokenization service for customer payment data used to automate recurring payments or pay for repeat purchases. To buy again, the customer needs to click the Pay or Buy button. All necessary data for the implementation of the service is also stored in the Exactly system. The whole purchase process is reduced from 30-40 minutes to 4 seconds. Your sales grow, while customer loyalty rises ­ double profit.

How Are One-click Payments Possible?

One-click payments are also known as store-card transactions. Payment data is entered into the system, and the next time an order is placed, they are substituted automatically. The convenience of seamless and hassle-free payments encourages clients to become your regular customer and come back to you again for more purchases.

When Can One-click Payments Be Applied?

The automated recurring payment system is suitable for any online business:

  • Shopping in online stores
  • Regular subscription fees for streaming services
  • Purchases of educational products, courses
  • Paying for services on multi-service platforms
  • Making deposits on entertainment services

Regular customers in any niche value the simplicity and speed of making payments. In this way, you grow audience loyalty and gently nudge customers to make new purchases. Competitors who have abandoned the implementation of a one-click payment system are left far behind you.

Safety Is the Main Requirement

The system of recurring payments requires the same involvement in the process of both the site providing goods or services and the client. To trust you, the user needs to know that this step will be absolutely safe. So, a store or online service undertakes:

  • Multi-factor authentication to protect the user account from hacking and data leakage.
  • Tokenization to encrypt and protect payment data.
  • Reliable protection of servers where information about users is stored.
  • 3D Secure compliance. Only then can the purchase made by the user be confirmed by the card-issuing bank.

The Exactly® system helps to simplify the connection of regular payments. One-click payment functionality is enabled for websites or mobile applications through API integration. From this moment, with the consent of the user to save the card data, the details are tokenized and stored in complete safety until the next purchase.

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August 18, 2021