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Plane Departing from Charleston Crashes in Tennessee

A plane leaving Charleston on Tuesday, March 18, 2014, crashed in Tennessee at approximately 7:45 in the evening. All three of those aboard the plane, the pilot as well as two passengers, suffered serious injuries in the accident and were immediately taken to a nearby hospital, where their condition is now listed as stable.

The plane had been rented for a day trip to Charleston, and was returning after a weather delay when it crashed on Holston Mountain. The plane was a Cessna 172, registered to a company in Wadsworth, Ohio. The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), the organization tasked with monitoring domestic airplane accidents, is currently investigating what may have caused the crash to occur.

Airplane travel is one of the safest forms of long distance transportation in the United States, particularly commercial airlines, which rarely experience serious accidents resulting in passenger injuries. However, as airplane accidents are not entirely uncommon in the United States, though in most cases, the accidents that do occur involve small planes such as this one. Indeed, in 2012, at least 280 deaths occurred as a result of plane accidents in the United States, and non-fatal injuries from these accidents, which annually total in the thousands, are often extremely serious or even life-altering.

While the cause of this accident remains under investigation, the truth is that airplane accidents in the United States are frequently the result of negligence or recklessness on the part of those involved in the manufacture, maintenance, or operation of the vehicle. As the website for the Steinberg Law Firm, a Charleston-based personal injury firm, points out, everything from pilot error or intoxication to defects in the design of a plane can easily lead to an accident. Furthermore, because of how complex modern airplanes have become, even a relatively minor problem can have profoundly serious consequences for accident victims.

In light of the serious challenges that those who have been injured in an airplane accident may face, it is often possible for accident victims to pursue compensation for the damages that they may have suffered. This can help accident victims and their families to pay for the costs that the accident may have caused them to incur, ranging from medical expenses to the costs of lost income or, in the worst of cases, funeral expenses and loss of financial support.