The Most Unusual Businesses

Nowadays there are products and services for just anything! And while you might not know it, there can be random and eccentric businesses which already exist or are already in the pipeline. It might surprise you as there are many which are way more bizarre than others. From potato mails to bottled air, here are some of the world’s most strange businesses!

Potato Parcel

The famous Samwise forgot to mention that potatoes are not only for boiling, mashing or stewing! As a matter of fact, you can also print few words on them and send them to your loved ones via email. Potato Parcel writes customised messages on your selected potato and takes them to anyone. Let’s say that nothing means as much as a potato which you cannot eat as there’s ink on it!

Cuddle Party

We cannot deny the fact that we all need hugs at times. For those who lack cuddly arms, there are the cuddle parties! Cuddle Party is more than just holding; it also teaches you skills for forming boundaries and connections. Once you’ve cuddled with the basic skills, the floor lets you try free-style cuddles! In countries like Australia, Canada, Europe and United States, you will find the Cuddle Party’s services.

Virtual Dating Assistant

If you are bored with the usual dating scene, you can leave all the hard work with Virtual Dating Assistant. This gadget takes care of the creation of your online dating profile, make the conversations with the potential dates and organises everything on your behalf. All that’s left for you to do is to show up on time at the date and enjoy the moment.

Dirty Rotten Flowers

Just got dumped and looking for revenge? Dirty Rotten Flowers is the perfect plan for you! This company sends bouquets of rotting or dead flowers to your ‘now-unloved-ones’. You need to get it straight- you’re not sending a bouquet of fresh and live flowers, so the person does not get the feeling of seeing them die slowly. By sending this revengeful bouquet, you’re sending a clear message.

Face Slapping Massage

As unusual as it may sound, you can pay to get slapped for many minutes! But, it does have positive rewards; it tightens your skin and make the wrinkles disappear. However, the results are not permanent, so you will have to get slapped again and again. This type of massage, also known as face boxing, is quite famous in Thailand. You will also find it in USA, but there’s just one certified company which does it.

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December 20, 2017