The Most Useful and Complete Guide to Corporate Gift-Giving

Corporate gift-giving has become some kind of tradition at special events, for one simple reason: they work. Old customers appreciate the thank-you gesture and new potential customers will remember you for next time, so the cost of the gift is often a good investment; it’s an excellent strategy in line with other promotional and marketing campaigns. If you want to create a positive image, corporate gift-giving is always a good idea.


However, it’s not always easy to choose an appropriate gift. There are many options out there, and you will no doubt be restricted by your budget and limited information. So where do you begin? Here’s your complete guide to corporate gift-giving.


Understand the recipient

It’s one of the basics of marketing: understand your customer. It goes with the product or service that you are providing, and it’s equally true when you are going to give them something for free. The more you know about your customers – the recipients – the better your chances are of finding that gift that’s ideal for them.


Stick with the theme

You can keep the theme of the event in mind in two ways. Either you are able to provide something useful for during the event itself, or you can provide something that can be used for much longer but is still in line with the theme of the event. Ideally, you can give them something they can use right then and there, and for a much longer time to come, as advised by promotional merchandise specialists like


Make it durable

The longer it lasts, the longer your recipient will appreciate it. And that’s good for you in two important ways: the customer will remember you longer, and the longer the customer uses the item, the more exposure your brand gets.


Make it practical

You don’t want your item to be thrown away – that’s a waste of money and a waste of effort. You want your recipient to enjoy it. Make it practical, and chances are it’ll be a success. What would your recipient really like using?


Think outside the box

Just because your competitor gives away free T-shirts or drinking mugs doesn’t mean you have to. Check the trends (plenty of sources online) or think outside the box and come up with something interesting and new.


It’s important to plan ahead when you select your gifts. Don’t wait until the last day to order your promotional items – it may take a week or two, even longer if it has to be engraved or custom-printed, before you actually receive it. You may also want to try a sample first before committing to larger volumes, so start your shopping well ahead of time. Do your research, and have your customer or recipient in mind; choosing the best gift could actually be a lot of fun.


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October 7, 2017