Top 5 Emerging Small Business Trends and Predictions For 2017

New trends dominate emerging small businesses every year, and embracing change is a sure way for them to succeed. In fact, several of these innovations are already brewing and affecting the way organizations are planning for success in the upcoming year. There are several notable trends and predictions to watch in 2017, and incorporating them into a business plan can help even a startup company thrive.

Embracing Emerging Trends

The business world is constantly evolving as economic developments and consumer incentives continually shape and influence it. Forward-thinking innovations such as developments in information technology and opportunities for new business ventures have successful companies rethinking their expectations and goals quickly. Understanding the changes that are coming can help your organization adjust and succeed. Following are the top five emerging small business trends and predictions that will dominate in 2017.

Improvements in live video streaming. People demand the technology that allows them to live in the moment. Live video streaming in 2017 will open doors to more creative possibilities. Smartphones provide quick access to the internet and have laid the foundation for live, reliable video streaming. The new year will expand the concept to produce even better experiences.

Developments in business intelligence solutions. Enterprises have been using BI for decades to accumulate fragmented information and convert it into useful data. Accordingly, the resulting big data informs organizations of customers’ needs and spending habits. The unlimited growth of the internet will continue in 2017, facilitating small businesses to leverage their BI solutions.

Progress in uniting consumers. Expect 2017 to be the year when businesses unite with their customers on an even larger scale than the past few years. Social networking will connect consumers with what they want, minus a direct sales pitch,

Increases in sustainable products. Consumers are more conscious about their purchases, including how they conserve as well as what they consume. Businesses cannot ignore the fact that many people are turning their attention toward brands with sustainable and green product offerings. This reality means that enterprises offering environment-friendly merchandise or services will come out on top.

Advancements in eCommerce. Big corporations can no longer claim sole ownership of eCommerce. Small businesses and even startups profit from it just by running online social media advertising campaigns for their products. The returns are enormous; therefore, the demand for eCommerce will continue to grow in 2017, making it easy for small companies to reach their target markets.

With an enhanced emphasis on knowledge, many people are choosing schools that offer a practical education such as UAB’s mba degree online. Programs providing experiential learning at the University of Maryland are also booming.

Enhancing Your Corporate Image

The rise of blogs, texts, and social media links means that writing still matters in the business and marketing worlds. That means that excellent syntax, grammar, and organizational skills are essential. In fact, poor writing reduces confidence in your brand. Your marketing team can enhance trust in your company with workshops to increase the skills of your digital bloggers. Accordingly, be willing to spend the requisite resources to reach reliable and qualified freelancers.

December 15, 2016