Top 5 Reasons Why ‘The Customer Is Always Right’ Is Wrong

You will probably have heard the saying that ‘the customer is always right.’ In fact, many businesses will probably live by this adage. However, it is not always the case.

When the customer and the staff believe that the customer is always right, you will find there are more complaints and it can cost your company a significant sum of money.

A good example of this is when you upgrade your business and wish to incorporate it. There are many services which can help with choosing a state to incorporate in. They will offer expert advice and assess what is best for your business. Your customer, on the other hand, will tell you what is best for them; which does not make them right!

There are 5 main reasons for the customer not always having the right answer:

  1. Unhappy Staff

Surveys show that if the company adopts the attitude that the customer is always right then the staff will be unhappy. This is simply because they have no ability to negotiate with a customer.

The result is an inability to do their job to the best of their ability.

In addition, the staff will not feel valued if you insist the customer is more important than them? To get the best possible from all your staff you have to appreciate them and make them feel wanted.

  1. Customers Exploit It

As soon as customers realize that they are always right, they will complain about all sorts of things; just to get something for nothing.

While a genuine complaint should receive adequate compensation, the customer who complains on every purchase but still uses your products is not a good customer. They are likely to cost you more than they pay you.

  1. Bad Customers Attract More Bad Customers

You are probably aware of the power of word of mouth. A bad customer who keeps getting rewards for their complaints will tell others who are likely to do the same. Soon you will be giving away allsorts in an effort to keep your customers happy.

What you need to remember is that they purchased a product or service from you. Providing that was delivered properly then there complaints and issues should not be treated as right; they need to be assessed on their own circumstances.

  1. Staff Care More

By assuring your staff that you have confidence in them and their ability to be fair in every situation you will inspire them and provoke a much higher level of customer service. The result will be more happy customers and the loss of the constant complainers.

The fact that the staff will be much happier and loyal is simply a bonus!

  1. It’s Impossible To Always Be Right

Finally, no one can be right all the time. What is right for the customer is not necessarily the right course of action for the staff, other customers or the business. All of these factors need to be taken into consideration before a decision can be made or a course of action selected.

Your business and your staff are actually more important than your customers, treat them with respect and the customers will be well looked after.

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October 28, 2017