What Are the Traits of a Successful Leader?

The world needs more strong leaders. Leaders are invaluable to a team’s progress, motivation and direction. They keep their team members focused and give them that little extra push when they need help either getting started or following through on a task. If you are a leader or are interested in becoming one, here are some things you should know to make you more efficient and successful at your position.

Lead by Example

  • A strong leader exemplifies the traits he wants in his team. If he wants a hardworking team, then he is hardworking. If he wants a team that works long hours, then he works long hours. He shows his team exactly how he wants things done and backs his words with his actions.

Get Excited About Your Goals

  • You don’t want a team that shows up for the job, but doesn’t know or care about your goals. Be open about what you want to accomplish and get excited about achieving those goals. Show your team that your goals are important to you and make goal achievement fun and exciting. They should want to meet the goals, and if you’re excited about meeting them, there’s a greater chance that they will be too.

Tell Your Team That They Matter

  • A team member who feels like they and their contributions to the team don’t matter is a team member who will let things slide, who won’t work to their full potential and who will have a depressive effect on other team members. Be generous with your compliments. If you see someone getting their job done right, let them know. Don’t assume they know that their contributions to the team matter. Everyone can benefit from positive feedback.

Communicate Clearly and Positively

  • Keep the lines of communication open at all times. Have an open door policy, which means that any of your team members can come to you at any time about an issue or concern that they’re having. On the flip side, when you have a concern, bring it up quickly and clearly. If you notice a team member’s not performing to their full potential, pull them aside and have a talk with them. As far as being positive goes, it is a good idea to tell your team member two things they are doing right for every one thing that needs improved.

Don’t Underestimate the Power of Respect

  • This cannot be stressed enough. Respect your team members the same way that you want them to respect you. Respect and honor the different life experiences that they bring to the job experience, and respect them for the work they do for your team. No matter how small their contribution may be, everyone in your team is deserving of respect.

If you follow these guidelines for successful leaders, you will be on the right track to making your workplace one of many Inspirational Workplaces where team members look forward to coming to work and thrive in their work environment.

November 10, 2016