What Does A Motivational Speaker Do?

Any speech should inspire the audience; it should provide them with a clear message and an action they can do to help a vision become reality.

This is not an easy task for anyone asked to give a speech. As well as providing a message they will need to be friendly, approachable and show that they understand the everyday issues facing the attendants of your event.

What you may not realize is that there are different types of professional speakers; you must choose between motivational, speaker for kick-off conferences, or inspirational; as well as many others. You need to locate the one most suited to your event and message.

What is a Motivational Speaker?

This type of speaker is someone who can inspire your audience; preferably with a true story; this should be related to the experiences of your audience. This type of approach will allow them to connect with the audience and inspire them with how they managed to achieve what seemed impossible.

The speech given by a motivational speaker is relatively short; usually less than an hour. The speaker will not attempt to fix fundamental issues within your firm. Instead, they will focus on motivating and inspiring your audience; giving them the drive and desire to move forward in a specific direction.

The fact that they are not part of your firm will make their message more powerful. You should almost be able to see the ‘buzz’ in the room after the speech.

It is worth using the services of a professional firm when looking for a motivational speaker for your event. This will ensure you have the best possible person to connect with your audience.

You should see your motivational speaker using some of these tactics to ensure your audience are paying attention and receiving the message:

  • Silence

Many speakers underestimate the power of silence. It is more effective at getting attention than raising your voice or even dramatic images.

Your motivational speaker should know just when to go silent to allow the room to focus on them and the message.

  • Making a Connection

Early in any speech a motivational speaker, or any speaker, will need to connect with the audience. This is usually done through providing a personal story which is related to the everyday experiences of the audience.

This connection is essential to obtain the attention of the audience and allow the motivational message to be delivered properly.

  • The Surprising Truth

Fact: There are over 14,500 addiction centers in the US and over 20 million addicts.

A good motivational speaker will produce a surprising fact which will get your interest instantly. This is one of the most important elements for any motivational speaker. They will get your audience’s attention.

  • Being Prepared

A good motivational speaker is prepared for anything; if the power goes off the audience can light up the room with their cell phones.

This does more than show commitment to completing the speech. It illustrates to your audience that motivation and inspiration can be found anywhere. This approach is almost guaranteed to have a positive effect.

In fact, the best motivational speakers almost hope that something goes wrong; so they can demonstrate this ability and inspire everyone.

  • Knowledge

Finally a motivational speaker must have a good knowledge of the subject matter. This will ensure they are seen as an expert and their opinion is respected.

If they do not appear to know what they are talking about then they will quickly lose the interest of the audience.

Maintaining audience interest is crucial to ensure the two most important parts of their job are done:

  1. Inspire the audience
  2. Motivate them

A speaker who can achieve this is worth having.


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September 29, 2017