Workplace Trends to Follow In 2018

No business can afford to feel like they’re behind the times, or that they’ve taken their eye off the ball. A business that slips behind the trends is one that’s going to have difficulty remaining competitive, so the following are some of the top workplace and business trends to follow in 2018.

Accuracy in Expense Reporting

Businesses are likely to put a lot of emphasis on accuracy in expense reporting in the new year, and as part of this, more will likely be rolling out software and providing employees with expense tracking app options.

There are a few reasons for this.

First, there’s demand for more compliance not just from employees, but also from executives and company leaders. Employees want to see that the leaders of a company are following the same rules and guidelines as they are, and one way to do this is through consistent and streamlined expense management.

Another reason this will be important is because global business travel is likely to become even more prevalent this year, especially as a lot of American businesses are considering increasing their spending and expanding.

Better Employee Experiences

For quite a few years, unemployment was somewhat stubborn, and it remained high, making it all about the employer. Employers could afford to cut corners and costs with their employees, and they didn’t have to do a lot to keep their employees happy.

Now, however, unemployment is low, hiring has picked up quite a bit, and that means it’s important for employers to work to keep their top talent happy.

There is going to have to be more focus on corporate culture and how that affects the employee experience, and we’ve moved beyond the more elementary concepts of just thinking employees are going to be happy because they get to participate in biannual parties or they receive free donuts in the morning.

Modern employees want to feel like they’re being heard, and like they’re a valued part of something bigger than them in the workplace, and it’s up to employers to make that happen.

Something else that will likely happen is an increase in wages.

The majority of businesses haven’t increased wage packages in quite a while, and as it becomes harder to find and secure top talent, this will have to become a reality.

A Move Back to Human Interaction

Just a few years ago if you looked at any workplace or employment trends, the biggest focus was on the idea of remote work, and flexible scheduling allowing for things like telecommuting.

There’s a shift away from the independent work concept, and more toward the idea of bringing back old-fashioned human interaction.

Even in workplaces where many employees work remotely, business leaders are trying to find creative new ways to foster more collaboration and interaction.

This doesn’t mean flexible environments won’t still be a focus, but they may just be done in different ways.

Finally, employers will also likely look to ways to not just incorporate more automation and AI into the workplace, but at the same time to do so in a way that links employees to that technology, rather than making them feel as if it is replacing them.


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December 29, 2017