3 Tips for Hiring Great People

Hiring people is a necessity when you run a business. Unfortunately there is a big difference between taking on a great employee and an average or even good employee.

A great employee will help to bring your business ideas to life and should even help you to improve on them!

The problem is that time is always limited and when you need someone in a hurry you may not have the luxury of waiting for a great person. You may have to settle for the one that is willing to do the job.

This isn’t an ideal scenario but it is one that can be avoided by following these 3 tips; you will hire great people.

  1. Know The Law

Employment law is a difficult area. Not only is it constantly changing but there are usually many different ways of interpreting people’s actions.

This is why it’s essential that you get suitable employers assistance. Finding a good package that gives you advice and support on employment, health & safety and other employee related issues will help to ensure you stay within the confines of the law.

This is very important; a lawsuit can be more than just financially costly. It can destroy your reputation and even financially ruin your business.

  1. Pre-Recruit

You don’t need to wait until an opening arises to start looking for your next great employee. The simple fact is that every business suffers from employee loss and the need to recruit additional employees.

With this in mind it is important to take every opportunity that you can to build a pool of potential candidates.

You need to be looking for potential candidates at every trade show you go to, every business event and even via your business social sites, such as Linkedin.

Build relationships with people that are potentially great employees; this will allow you to assess their suitability and have a pool of people on tap when an opening arises.

It doesn’t mean they will all be looking for a job but there is a good chance one of them will be interested in the position you’re offering.

  1. Get Your Process Right

It is essential that you decide on a process and follow it through for every candidate. This ensures they all have the same opportunity to show their greatness and protects you from expensive lawsuits.

You’ll need to decide on what needs to be written on any advert; it should be short and to the point. Then the questions to ask the candidates will need to be drawn up and create the job description.

This should be a list with each of the key functions and responsibilities of the person you’re hiring. You can always expand on each setting during the interview or in the employment contract.

It is also essential that you have several people assist you in selecting the right person. This will ensure there is an objective view and the right decision for the business is made.

Don’t forget you need a good follow through! There needs to be a solid employment offer letter and contract.

You also need to ensure the welcome and orientation package is ready for every new employee; this ensures they know everything they need to on their first day.

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September 4, 2018