Should Your Business use Direct Mail?

Direct mailing is defined as being the process of providing promotions and offers via physical mail, to clients and other consumers. Direct mailing campaigns usually feature a brochure, sales letter, order form and prepaid envelopes. Regardless of the size of your company or when it got established, direct mailing can prove to be especially beneficial even in the digital era. Let’s take a look at what some of those benefits are.


1) Highly Targeted

One of the advantages you stand to gain is that it will allow you to promote your business to highly targeted individuals. Companies can elect to purchase mailing lists of individuals who fall under a certain criteria or demographic. For instance, a supplement business owner can purchase a list of individuals who have already purchased supplements in the past. In this scenario you could build a direct mailing campaign focused on providing discounts to people who buy supplements regularly.


2) Measurable Results

The United Postal Service themselves, which oversees Kalamazoo USPS have stated that direct mail advertising can be measured. Any small company can measure the results of their campaign without any significant obstacles. For instance, one of the way companies measure the result of their campaign is to include a coupon which expires on a different date for each campaign. They would then check to see how many clients used said coupons which would be categorized by expiration dates which coincides with that specific campaign.


3) Target People Who Prefer Traditional Marketing Venues

Many people agree that online ads are annoying, no matter how gentle an ad is being shown even if it’s for a free game related app that charges nothing. Reality is some people prefer traditional forms of advertising such as billboards, TV commercials and physical newsletters or direct mail. Direct mail itself can be used to support other marketing campaigns. As such, in order to maximize your company’s potential for growth, you should be utilizing both traditional and new technology to reach customers who have their own preference for what marketing venue they pay attention to the most.


4) Cost Effective

Online ads, radio and TV commercials are expensive to say the least. Most startup companies don’t have the capital to purchase multi-million-dollar marketing campaigns. Direct mailing advertising is not expensive. Companies have the choice of customizing their campaign by using colorful, visually appealing brochures with their own software and computers. Businesses also have control over print related expenses. In the event that a company plans to provide newsletters to previous clients, the only expenses said company would incur is the cost of the materials plus postage. It’s also worth noting that mailing lists are very affordable as well.


5) Flexible

Unlike most forms of advertising, direct-mail is highly flexible. In one instance you may choose to use postcards to minimize costs. In another instance, you could provide samples of products and yet, in another instance you could provide coupons or alerts about an upcoming limited time holiday sale. This form of advertising gives you plenty of lee way to increase sales.



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August 14, 2019