The Fundamentals on Personal Injury: What it is, What You can Do, and How to Claim Compensation

Over the decades – and more and more in the last couple of years – people have become aware of personal injuries because personal injuries have recently become solid ground for legal claims and compensation. However, there is still much confusion regarding personal injuries, and at times, one has more questions than answers. So what exactly is a personal injury? What forms can a personal injury take, and what can one do about it? Here are the fundamentals on personal injury: what it is, what you can do, and how you can claim compensation if you are a victim.

Personal injury – a description

Personal injury is not always easy to pinpoint. Often, they are easy to recognise because the cause is clear, such as in the case of trips, slips or falls, or wounds from manual labour and construction tasks. But the definition is much broader; it includes diseases, psychological distress, and roadside accidents which are job-related. Personal injuries have grown in importance and significance and the law is in some cases still incomplete regarding the definition and handling of them. A personal injury, in essence, is any kind of injury – physical, psychological, or emotional – that has been sustained during the performance of duties to, at, or from the worksite or work-related.

Why is it important?

Those who suffer a personal injury often need a lot of time to come to terms with the injury and the consequences it might bring. It could require hospitalisation, medical treatment, rest, and psychological help. The law can help someone who suffered a personal injury during their period of convalescence and afterwards.

What should I do?

Depending on the nature of the injury, several steps should immediately be taken to ensure a proper handling of the incident. First and foremost, it should be recorded in the accident book of the company. Other offices, such as police, medical institutions, insurance, and Health and Safety offices may be included.

What about compensation?

Claiming compensation to help you on the road to recovery can be accomplished through various means, as confirmed by It often comes in two forms: general damages (compensation for expenses and suffering) and special damages (cost of care and so on).

There are many legal issues when it comes to seeking compensation if you have suffered or are suffering from a personal injury; whilst the law is impartial and seeks to be fair to all, it can be difficult to navigate if you have no experience in the matter. If you feel you are a victim and want to seek compensation, be it for a work-related injury or even for a beauty treatment gone wrong, you are entitled to claims, even beauty claims. Never be afraid to seek legal advice. There are professionals out there that have your best interest at heart. You do, after all, have a responsibility to yourself and may deserve that compensation.

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June 8, 2016