Types of Misdemeanors

When it comes to types of misdemeanors, there are three basic categories for this particular form of crime. These crimes include crimes against the person, crimes against property and crimes against public safety or public order. All three of these issues are not as severe as a felony, although these crimes are more severe than an infraction or citation. Due to this, you need to be aware of these different kinds of crimes and what fits under each category.

misdemeanorsWhen it comes to crimes against the person, this particular crime includes assault and battery or even harassment. Once a weapon is involved though, the charge is going to increase to a felony. Essentially, whenever a weapon is involved, regardless of the situation, it is going to be upgraded to a felony. In general, any crime that is committed against another person does fall under the crimes against the person category.

In terms of crimes against property, this is going to include theft, such as shoplifting, or larceny. Any crime that you do that isn’t against an actual person, but is done involving a piece of property, is going to fall under this category. Some forms of breaking and entering might fall into this kind of misdemeanor, although generally speaking, breaking and entering is going to be charged with a felony. There are different types of misdemeanors with crimes against property though. Depending on where you live, if you create graffiti or even egg a house, this might fall under a misdemeanor charge, instead of a citation.

Lastly, there is the crimes against public safety or public order. This can include disorderly conduct, open alcohol containers, prostitution or a minor in possession. Anything that is against the law but is not causing immediate physical harm against someone else, but has the opportunity to do so, is usually categorized in this area. Some who has an open alcohol container is usually going to be charged with a misdemeanor instead of a citation, simply for having alcohol involved in the case. Whenever alcohol is involved, it almost always results in at last a misdemeanor.

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June 8, 2015